In today’s ever-changing technological landscape, it is crucial that your website appears current! When it comes to your own website, you should always delay this one-time investment to see if it can generate a return on investment for another year or so. But ask yourself this: how often have you searched online for a product or service, only to end up contacting the more professional-looking websites? Your consumers are doing the same thing!

Before reading further, the fast answer to the question of when you should redesign your website is two to three years. Even as a web design company, we attempt to redesign our website at least once every two years to stay current and to maintain our brand identity. The reason we say this is due to two primary factors. The technology and trend landscape.

Technology for website design


A few years ago, it was perfectly permissible to have a non-mobile-responsive website. People had no problem ‘pinching’ their displays to pan in and out on a website. Today, there are actually MORE individuals perusing websites on mobile devices than on computers.

There was also a time when flash animations were a website’s “must-have.” With Apple’s dominance, however, flash became obsolete as companies sought to redesign their websites to eliminate flash entirely. What’s the purpose of having a fantastic website if Apple mobile devices cannot view it?

You are not required to be aware of the new technologies influencing the digital landscape; that is our responsibility. Keep it touch with a web design company like HINTS ASIA to evaluate your website and let us advise you on whether a redesign is necessary. In some instances, we have advised clients to hold off on redesigning their website until six months after the new year.

Trends for website design


Although not as volatile as the fashion industry, website design trends change every few years.

For instance, there was a time when information reigned supreme. A large quantity of information is sufficient to establish credibility. However, the concentration span of consumers has diminished significantly over time. Now, your landing page must provide an overview of your business. You must structure content delivery in small chunks for the customer to consume and find methods to summarize the page so that they can locate what they need more quickly.

Following the trend accomplishes two goals. First, it eliminates any potential first impression advantage that your competitors may have. Two, it ensures that your marketing investment is not wasted on your website. People consistently neglect that your website is the most important sales and marketing tool. Why would you believe it is acceptable for your website to appear five years old if you don’t use the same marketing campaign for five years?

There are a number of reasons why people put off redesigning a website, including a lack of funds, a failure to recognize its importance, or simply never getting around to it. Many businesses believe that creating a website is a one-time expense that will last eternally. That is no longer true. Marketing is an ongoing procedure, and your website should serve as its focal point.

Maintain your company’s relevance by inquiring, “What are my competitors doing?” Is my online presence current? What can we improve?

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