Setting a fundamental colour theme for your web design project may be an easy effort; nevertheless, choosing upon the proper combinations or coming up with a colour scheme may become a challenging task, particularly if you are unsure of which colour tool will serve you in the most effective manner.

Consequently, in order to assist you in determining the most suitable color schemes for your projects, the following are some of the most effective color tools that web designers can utilize. Let’s look at the items on the list.

Adobe Color CC

You may be familiar with this tool when it went by the name Adobe Kuler in the past. Adobe’s ability to allow users to mix and match color palettes is one of its most often used capabilities.

Adobe Color CC for Web Designer

Color enthusiasts get together in ColourLovers, an online community. You are free to use the pictures and their color palettes in your own work as they are included in this resource.

ColourLovers for Web Designer

A simple way to generate color schemes is provided by Coolors. Users are given the ability to quickly develop and share color palettes with one another. It determines the dominant color of the photographs and finds color combinations that look great together.

Coolors for Web Designer

Color Snapper 2

Mac users may take use of the Color Snapper 2 application on their devices. It was developed specifically for graphic artists so that they could use it to experiment with colors on the screen as well as alter, adjust, arrange, store, and export those colors.

Color Snapper 2 for Web Designer


Create and share your own custom color palettes with the help of Colordot, an excellent website and iOS application. You may select the color you want to use using either your finger or a camera.

Colordot for Web Designer

cccolor is an easy-to-use color picker that also functions as a HEX, RGB, and HSL converter. It is designed specifically for web designers. You may quickly select the colors that will work best for your designs, and you can also obtain palettes of tints, hues, and tones to expand on the colors that you choose.

cccolor for Web Designer

Visitors to are able to customize their photographs with gradient fills. On the website, there is a page consisting entirely of squares in a variety of color schemes, each of which is accompanied with its corresponding hex code. for Web Designer

The Color Hunter is a tool that can be helpful to designers. Simply locate an image that appeals to you and either upload it to the website or enter the image’s URL. The service will generate a color palette based on the picture that you select.

Color Hunter for Web Designer


TinEye gives you the ability to pull colors from more than 20 million Creative Common photographs that are hosted on Flickr. Simply select a color from the drop-down menu, move the dividers to customize the hue, and add tags to your search.

Tineye for Web Designer


Paletton is a tool developed to assist graphic designers in the process of developing websites using appropriate color combinations. You might also utilize color palettes that have already been created in the color you have selected.

Paletton for Web Designer