If you believe that all websites are interactive, you are likely correct. Obviously, with consistent use, you can navigate and interact with any website. But what tactics and trends will increase user interaction with your brand? In this article, I will provide examples of interactive websites that are visually appealing.

What are Interactive Websites?

Example of Interactive Website Design Elements

In addition, the click, response, and rendering rate do an excellent job of collecting user experience feedback for particular design elements of interactive websites.

If you plan to create interactive websites, you must understand your users’ preferences. They will abandon your page if they cannot find the necessary information. The same holds true if they become tired or frustrated when their efforts go unrewarded.

Think strategically about the type of content you wish to offer. Define the most essential components and information. Then, employ the appropriate layouts, animations, and modules to attract their attention.

Develop positive relationships with your online consumers to increase user engagement. Consequently, this influences conversion. Download our free Product manager’s guide to UX design if you would like to learn more about how to develop a product strategy.

How to Make Interactive Websites

Animated sections grab user attention. Check out these examples you can use to spice up your website:

  • Animated section headers

  • Animated hover selector

  • Videos and audio files

  • Interactive galleries

  • Scroll-down activated sections

  • Cursor-following codes

  • Pulsing scroll indicators

  • Customizable website display

  • Posting and commenting without entering the site

  • Platform to interact with friends online

  • Interactive chatbot or animated character

  • Online games

What Interactive Elements Feature on a Website Design?

Impact Every Sense

Welcome users with an engaging video header. Highlight the most essential content so that users cannot miss it. Delicate animations and subtle movements contribute significantly to an engaging design. They are instantaneously captivating and likely to elicit a response. A stock background video can be a fantastic alternative to an animated background, particularly when you want users to feel as though they’re moving through space rather than viewing static images of people or locations.

When I see a website like this, I immediately detect the enticing aromas of a delectable meal. Display your professionalism through your attention to detail.

Interactive Web Design to Impact Every Sense

I admired how a venerable institution in the field of fine arts can also demonstrate brand personality and modernity through their online presence. The Milwaukee Ballet’s homepage features an engaging video header. On it, the performers are depicted in various designs. How physical movements relate to an interactive experience is appropriate for a dance institution.

Hover Selector

Highlighting the selected elements clearly identifies the content users are watching. Then ensure they move on and consume your content.

Hover Effect Interactive Web Design

Or cover the image with a fade. That easily directs your audience to your other social channels.

Hover Effect Interactive Website Design

Animated Switch Page Loading

Some websites include a small icon to signify navigating down, although the majority of users find it to be a natural action. Like the Van Gogh Museum, allowing visitors to access your content by navigating down makes your website more engaging.

Animated Switch Page Loading Interactive Web Design

Use Chatbot

Chatbots can increase conversion rates by enhancing the user experience. They can simplify the lives of your users without overwhelming them with unnecessary information. Buying online, canceling a reservation, and requesting the weather forecast have never been so simple.

Users can interact with your bot to discover their desires. Impress them by providing information before they initiate a search. Or provide hints and advice, or simply amuse them with a character. Additionally, chatbots improve your brand’s tone and personality. A superior chatbot increases user engagement with the brand.

Chatbot Interactive Website Design

Modern technology has made your usage options limitless. Create a personal, team, or brand-specific automaton to enhance customer service while conserving manpower. Examine our RealProduct Bot to discover how we can be of further assistance.

Present Yourself as Unique and Stylish

You want to increase sales, right? Imagine you sell bicycles. You understand how storytelling can increase engagement. What if, instead of constructing the typical web store with all the technical details, you sold an experience? Pamper the retinas of your users! Give your audience a visual experience through the use of exquisite illustrations.

Comparable to how Cyclemon presents its vast assortment of goods. Initially, your consumers will become devotees. Then, they will remember your website and return, if only to admire the expert illustrations and how smoothly the parallax images change. The two illustrations seamlessly merge into one another.

interactive web design to show unique and stylish

Amuse Your Users and Create a WOW Effect

Now, concentrate more on the user interface. With a code, the background follows the movements of the cursor. It suits well if you work in technology or science. Observe the complete sequence on the Elastic website.

Interactive Website Design with WOW effect

Interactive Design in Education

Creative and interactive design could play a significant role in the development of products for children or educational purposes. Video and audio make the tedious task of learning easy as pie.

Google came up with a fantastic Earth Day concept. It made our consumption tangible by visually portraying the causes. Assess your knowledge while gaining a deeper understanding of the relationships in your environment. Additionally, it provides excellent recommendations for sustainability.

Pieces is an interactive website that provides informative content about endangered species. These adorable animated creatures assist the entire website in making the user consider their actions and their impact on the planet.

Interactive Website Design in Education

There are numerous interactive websites that teach foreign languages and touch-typing. This website allows users to discover and study “forgotten” languages, such as the Australian Aboriginal Marra. You can also practice pronunciation and phrases with a microphone. This allows you to learn more quickly because you can promptly detect differences and then engage in daily practice.

Artificial Intelligence & Voice Control UIs

What could be more interactive than using your voice to converse with a product as you would with an actual person? Some Internet-based hands-free plugins enable browsing. These are excellent options when designing websites for individuals with disabilities. We’ve also written about voice control interfaces, so consult those articles for more information.

Wrapping Up

Final Thoughts of Interactive Web Design Elements Feature

  • Define your website’s primary messages and develop a strategy;

  • Determine the voice and visual manner of your brand that you wish to communicate to the world.

    People adore stories, so don’t be shy about sharing yours;

  • In addition to emphasizing your key messages, ensure that your interaction style complements the accompanying content.

Utilize animated, vibrant, and aromatic elements such as interactive headers, selectors, and moving backgrounds to attract the user’s attention.

If your site gives pleasure and makes users feel confident and at ease (and you provide a good product/service, post useful content, have a well-defined strategy, an attractive appearance, and overall a wonderful service), you’ll likely get to the correct place and increase your conversion rate.

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