What is Web Animation in Web Design

When people hear the term animation, they frequently think of their favorite Disney or animated character. In web design, however, animation can refer to anything from page transitions to the movement of a button when it is tapped. Modern technology facilitates the addition of animations to websites and provides designers with a method for making websites more dynamic and fluid. Not only can it improve the visual appeal of a website, but it can also increase user engagement and conversion.

On the other hand, it is essential to consider when animation becomes too distracting for a user and prevents them from achieving their objective. Determine how our websites utilize animation effectively.

Example of Good Web Animation in Web Design

Visual Feedback

Animation can provide visual confirmation to users that their actions were successful. This is essential because it eliminates ambiguity from the perspective of the user.

In the video below from Aardvark, one of our most recent E-commerce websites, you can see that when a user adds an item to their cart, they receive immediate feedback in the form of a scrolling shopping cart indicating that the item was successfully added.

Source from KOTA

Loading Screens

With today’s incredibly rapid internet speeds, users expect content to appear instantaneously and will frequently abandon a website if they must wait. Consequently, loading animations are used to conceal load issues and maintain visitor engagement.

Typically, the designs are kept simple, airy, and reflective of the brand or company. The logo of SuperYachtsMonaco is animated to display in the example provided below.

Source from KOTA

Hover Effects

In web design, hover states on icons and links are a microanimation that indicate to visitors what is clickable. Essentially, it is a means to inform the user that selecting this will result in some action.

In contrast, designers frequently use hover states to keep users engaged with content or to disclose additional information. Check out our hover effects on these project thumbnails for Tangerine, the industry leader in customer experience.

Source from KOTA

Animated Navigation Menus

Animating a navigation menu is an effective method for designers to add vibrancy to a webpage. A well-animated navigation menu will distinguish your website from others.

Although this is not a page that most visitors will remember, it is crucial to their site navigation, so simple animations that guide the user are appropriate. The example on Martin Building’s website demonstrates how a subtle reveal animation can animate a navigation menu.

Source from KOTA

Things to Avoid of Web Animation in Web Design

Slow Loading Speeds

Although animation on a website may appear amazing, you must consider its impact on the loading performance of your website’s pages. Complex animations will increase the file size, making it more difficult for networks to download and resulting in a delayed load time.

Slower page load times will disrupt the user experience, increase abandon rates, and harm SEO.

To Much Animation

Overstuffing a website with too many animated elements can aggravate users, leading them to leave your site in favor of another.

Adding animation when it is not required will divert the user’s attention away from the copy and icons they were seeking.

Unnatural Animations

Avoid adding animations to your website that feel unnatural or do not communicate the personality or purpose of your site. It would be inappropriate, for instance, to include exquisite and ornamental image fades on an e-commerce website if you want the user to immediately absorb your products.

Wrapping Up of Web Animation in Web Design

Animation can unquestionably enhance the visual appeal of a website and increase user engagement. However, you must carefully weigh the pros and cons to determine if they are essential to the user’s end objective.

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