LinkedIn is the ideal venue for establishing your online personal brand.

You could be thinking, but it’s a personal brand; shouldn’t I be on Instagram or Facebook? No is the easy answer.

Personal branding is your online professional reputation. So, it makes perfect sense to prioritise creating your own brand on LinkedIn. A platform that allows members to establish a place of authority within their profession or business.

How should you begin developing your personal brand on LinkedIn? Write postings that are purposeful and successful, highlighting all aspects of your professional identity and image. Your audience may get a sense of who you are based on the words, photographs, and videos you provide on LinkedIn.

This article outlines seven content creation strategies that can help you grow your LinkedIn personal brand. Let’s plunge in!

1. LinkedIn Posts: Written Text to Define Your Personal Brand

On Instagram and Snapchat, images and videos are the most popular kinds of material, but the most common sort of post on LinkedIn is written text. Individuals seek to the individuals they follow for information on thought leadership.

Publishing your professional or industry-related views, opinions, and anecdotes is a terrific method to establish your authority.

  • Every post should begin with an engaging first sentence. Consider it an attention-getting headline that compels the reader to continue reading.
  • Avoid extended paragraphs. Separate the text by inserting a space every two to three lines.
  • It is OK to begin a post with “I” if you like. People are curious about you, your views, and your experiences.
  • Here is an example of a lengthy text post.

2. LinkedIn Posts: Create an Image of Your Personal Brand

Image sharing should be incorporated into your content development plan for growing your own brand. Choosing the appropriate style of image to reflect your message or personality will make a difference in terms of audience engagement.

Pictures may be used to offer backdrop or context for a shared message, or to highlight your personality with an amusing GIF or image.

Be deliberate in your picture selections.

Ask yourself, “Will this image enhance the value of the article or your own brand?”

  • Best image size for LinkedIn Posts: 1200px X 627px
  • Avoid stock images for personal accounts. Your pictures should represent you, your environment, and real-life moments.
  • Share throwback images. People want to see how far you have come! Here is a great example of a post by Salina Yeung from her University days, to where she is today.

3. LinkedIn Posts: Poll Your Audience

Create a post with a poll question to encourage audience engagement. Poll-style articles are a great approach to get to know your readers better. A fantastic source for future content ideas or a method for gauging your audience’s views on a product or service you want to offer.

  • Make sure your poll question is super compelling so that it would be crazy for people not to add their vote!
  • Give at least three options to select. And bonus! Ask them to comment on the post if they have a better option that isn’t offered on the poll.
  • Have fun! This is a great type of post that can showcase your personality.
  • Here is a good example of a post utilizing the polling feature.

4. LinkedIn Posts: Personalize Your Posts with Video

One of the quickest ways for people to get to know you and your personal brand is by creating video content. A video post with you sharing a message or story can quickly establish a good rapport with your audience.

Salina Yeung Post Video in LinkedIn
  • No fancy equipment is needed- use your smartphone to film your video.
  • Hold your phone vertically at arm’s length distance and slightly higher than your face.
  • For the best lighting, stand in front of a window.
  • Here is a good video example to check out.

5. LinkedIn Posts: Capturing the Micro-Moments of Your Day

Similar to Instagram or Facebook Stories, LinkedIn allows users to capture micro-video clips or image/text postings that will disappear from the app after 24 hours.

The LinkedIn Stories section is featured at the very top of the app beside the faces of the individuals you follow.

  • Make them short and sweet! Up to 20 seconds per video.
  • Add stickers to your image. There isn’t a lot of room to write a lot of text, but adding a sticker can help bring some context to the image without a description.
  • You can mention a person to your story by typing “@” followed by their name.

6. LinkedIn Carousel Posts: Share Your Expertise or Tips

If you are an expert at making PowerPoint decks and want to offer some helpful tips and ideas with your audience, a carousel-style article is the greatest way to demonstrate your expertise while teaching your audience.